Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal
SuNPe provides the service for the sheet metal prototype and low volume production, can support projects from simple bent sheet metal prototypes to complex mechanical assemblies. We support different processes to help build your part rapidly, punching, stamping and laser cutting are commonly used in sheet metal parts to produce what you need at a low cost without compromising quality. 
At SuNPe, to support customers' needs of their projects, we offer assembly service, not only sheet metal parts assembly, but also low volume projects' assembly. 
Surface finish
We also support the different surface finishing on the sheet metal parts, like powder coating, painting, food safe PTFE coated, plating, anodizing, E-coating, sandblasting, polishing and passivation ect.
Various metal materials are used for sheet metal parts, Steel, Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Brass and Phosphorous Bronze etc.